Art Deco home design inspiration from Gioia House. Show your unique and elegant artistic side!

Most homes with Art Deco designs are able to display elegant and confident visuals. The visualization was created because of the geometry on one side of the building and the unusual roof pattern, as seen in Gioia House.

Currently, there are many buildings that offer a stylish, attractive and artistic architectural style.

However, if you want to display an artistic, aesthetic and luxurious home, Art Deco can certainly be an option.

Art Deco architecture that exudes natural beauty in architecture, but still prioritizes simplicity without a lot of decorative ornaments.

Around the world, Art Deco is found in historic buildings and old colonial-influenced homes.

Even so, in this modern era, many people are interested in applying the Art Deco concept to their homes.

Like Amelisa, the owner of Instagram, she uses artistic shapes and patterns as a hallmark of Art Deco in her home.
Art Deco Design Inspiration for Gioia's House
1. Art Deco Facade

The facade of the Gioia house
Show unique shape

Amelisa's Art Deco style can be seen from the exterior of this 56 square meter house.

Art Deco elements are present on the sides of the curved building.

The use of this form is undoubtedly synonymous with masculinity and dynamism, so it can be the focus.

Then, the Cubist style which displays a flat shape is also applied to the roof of Gioia's house.

Its simple, modern, and weather-resistant form is the advantage of a flat roof, making Amelisa sure to use this style.
Apply Fence List

Fence Checklist

Moreover, the uniqueness of the facade of the Jiaoya Building can also be seen on the fence.

This section applies to the roster as a home ventilation that can beautify the appearance.

The roster is made using concrete which is known to be very durable, so it promises to last longer.

Interested in applying this roster fence?
Use a perforated fence

The facade of the Gioia house

Amelisa also uses a black gate made of perforated metal with a circular pattern, 0.8 cm in diameter and 1 mm thick.

In her Instagram post, Amelisa said the reason for using the material was because it was simple and in accordance with the concept of a house.

"I also use 4x4 hollow steel to make it look slimmer because the door is not too big," wrote Amelissa in one of her Instagram uploads, Thursday (18 August 2022).
2. Cozy living room

Jiaoya house living room

In the living room, you will be pampered by the Scandinavian design which is dominated by white, compared to the Art Deco-inspired facade.

The application of white on the walls definitely makes the interior more spacious and clean.

“So it's brighter and cleaner. Automatically creates a more positive vibe,” added Amelissa.

Then, Amelisa felt that the use of white would make the furniture easier to mix and match and more harmonious.

As you can see for yourself, Amelisa displays furniture and furniture in neutral colors, namely gray and pine beautifully.

The granite tile floor with wood pattern also complements all the elements in the living room.

With this arrangement, it's no wonder that the living room is a favorite place for Amelisa and her family.
3. Sliding door as a room divider

sliding door

To present an element of openness, Amelisa placed a sliding door as an insulator between the living room, paint room and the inner courtyard.

As a focal point of attention, the door does create good air circulation and is able to attract natural light into the house from the outside.
paint room

paint room

With three anabuls, Amelisa intentionally left space in the corner of the garden to be used as a paint room.

Materials used to construct this area include a glass roof and sundeck, expanded metal for ventilation, and aluminum and glass in the walls.

Vinyl stickers are used on the floor itself to make the room feel warm.

Well, no cat room is complete without paint prints!

Yes, there is a wide variety of furniture to make Anabul comfortable, such as cat apartments, litter boxes, wicker beds and pet bowls.
refresh inner page

gioia main page

To add the best of nature, Gioia House has an inner courtyard with a partially open roof, taken from the rest of the land behind the house.

Well, the inner courtyard is a dry garden covered in dirt, sand and gravel.

Plants placed in the area vary, from taro to elephant ears.

4. Small bedroom

Joy's bedroom

The bedrooms at Gioia House are dominated by white, creating a bright, spacious and neat atmosphere.

In addition, the presence of granite wood floors has succeeded in providing the needed warm atmosphere in the bedroom, making it feel more comfortable.

For the furniture itself, in this 2.6 x 3 meter area, there is an all-white built-in sofa that is integrated with the storage area.
5. Haptic industry

In addition to the Scandinavian design, the interior of Gioia House also presents an industrial style.

Style is presented in the bathroom and kitchen.
bathroom with open walls

Joy's bathroom

Applied to a developing home, Gioia House's bathroom design is currently tentative, with good opportunities for future improvements.

Even so, the ideal feel of the industrial style is still very pronounced in the bathroom.

Plain cement appears to be used in the room, and the walls are painted a light gray with drip-free paint.

Of course, its application not only gives the impression of being unfinished, but also makes it easier for Amelisa to want to renovate later.
Mini kitchen industry

Gioia House Mini Kitchen

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen area is temporary and adopts an industrial concept.

Industrial elements laid out on an exposed gray cast table.

The kitchen area is also equipped with various furniture to facilitate Amelisa's cooking activities, such as Ikea Lerberg storage shelves, all-white wall shelves and various complete cooking utensils.


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