9 Small Roof Design Inspirations For Minimalist Homes

 Very comfortable and cool and voila!

small house roof design

Who says a tiny house can't have a roof? Don't worry, apply a small roof design in the limited space below and you can still have it!
It is not impossible to build a recreation area on the roof of the house with the right design.
Precisely, in a non-concrete area that you often use as a drying room.
No need to bother hiring interior design services, you can remodel it yourself.
As a guide, here are some small roof design inspirations that you can learn from!

9 Small Roof Design Inspirations For Minimalist Homes

1. Concrete all over the roof of the house

Source: instagram.com/rumah_purnama

In order not to overcomplicate it, you can leave the concrete colorless naturally.
No need for repainting, just like the roofscape at Rumah Purnama.
To beautify it, you only need to rely on vines and green pots.
Then, if necessary, place tables and chairs outdoors.

2. Aesthetic Roof Design Between Roofs

Source: instagram.com/etha_sugihartoyo

If you live in a house, the roof area often clashes with the roof of the house.
However, this is not a barrier to creating a relaxation zone, you know.
For example, what is the Instagram account @etha_sugihartoyo doing on the roof.
Not only chairs, he also installed a hammock, canopy roof, and a small coffee shop here.
If you pay attention, the width of this area may only be about 3-4 meters, lo.

3. Small fish pond design roof

 Source: instagram.com/ragam_design_rumah

Much smaller usable area?
Don't worry, you can build it like the roof design picture above.
The step that needs to be done is to buy artificial grass for the floor and small stones to decorate the edges.
Then, build a small fish pond in the corner of the roof to add a cool impression.

4. Roof design for maximum greenery

Source: instagram.com/hams.house
This roof area looks green to the maximum.
Every corner is filled with different types of greenery.
The lounge area is in the middle, only rattan chairs and a small wooden table.
Although simple, this area looks comfortable to use in the morning or evening.

5. Simple relaxation area on the roof

Source: instagram.com/lida_syam

Synthetic grass is indeed the best solution to beautify the roof area of ​​your house.
As an alternative, you can use a bamboo pillow as a seat.
Add a rattan chair as an alternative seat and decorate the area with ornamental plants.
Then your simple roof is ready to go!

6. Small roof next to the roof of the house

Source: instagram.com/fermingyouth

Did you know that the recreation area on the roof can actually be built in a small size.
Take for example the inspirational roof image above, which only focuses on a small seating area.
It's small, but here you can enjoy the morning and evening sun comfortably and voila.

7. Aesthetic roof design on one side of the house

Aesthetic Roof Interior Inspiration
Source: instagram.com/myla.place
This roof is on the top floor of a multi-storey house.
Some of the land is still included in the building of the house, so the dimensions of the roof tend to be small.
But with the right arrangement, this area can look comfortable and beautiful at the same time.
No artificial grass required, you can build a floor with patterned tiles.

8. Minimalist Roof Design with Exposed Brick Wall
Source: instagram.com/nurrin_nurrinawati

For the safety of family activities, the roof area of ​​course also needs to be fenced.
Well, you can replace one of the fences that you built on a short exposed brick wall.
The goal is to make this area look good and Instagram friendly so that it can be used as a photo spot for family members.

9. Beautiful Tiny Roof Inspiration

Source: instagram.com/ahk.myhome

Finally, you can try building a pretty roof like @ahk.myhome.
Fill the area around the roof with ornamental plants, flowers, leaves, etc.
Then, install an outdoor table and chairs made of wood in the middle area.
You can also install a wooden swing in the area to further increase comfort.
Hopefully the inspiration for the small roof design of the minimalist house above is useful, yes.
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