8 Simple Apartment Balcony Designs That Are Practical And Beautiful. Easy to imitate!

Do not underestimate the role of the balcony in an apartment. It turns out that the apartment balcony design concept in this review is simple, but it can turn a balcony into a more functional and stylish balcony! Don't believe? Look here!

So far, the apartment balcony is mostly used as a place to dry clothes.

In fact, you can use this open land as a useful extra space for your apartment.

You can still equip your balcony according to your living needs without adding many items or furniture.

Examples of practical use of apartment balconies are as a place to relax, a small garden, extra space!

If you're looking for apartment balcony design inspiration, you can cheat from the pictures below.

Let's look at the examples one by one!

Simple apartment balcony design. Sleek and modern!

1. Romantic balcony design

 Source: thespruce.com

The romantic nuance is emphasized by the presence of beautiful pink flowers and tendrils and modern planters.

The warm white light also makes the balcony look warmer and more comfortable, perfect for relaxing.

If the land is large enough, you can put chairs and a small table at the end of the balcony like the picture above.

In addition to the party area, you can also use this balcony as a dining room.

2. Boho Balcony Design

 Source: instagram.com/modelrumahrumah

Boho or boho is an interior design style that is synonymous with bright colors and beautiful ethnic patterns.

Design symbolizes freedom.

Directly, this design does not limit the occupants of the house to mix and match various patterns and colors in the house.

The boho design can already be realized with just a sofa, some soft pillows, blankets, and rugs on the balcony.

Other decorations such as rattan wood and outdoor ornamental plants can also be beautiful accents on your balcony!

3. Picnic balcony design
Source: thespruce.com

The next apartment balcony design is fairly simple and easy to imitate.

The design is inspired by an outdoor cafe with a picnic concept.

Instead of a regular sofa, this balcony uses a DIY sofa decoration made of wooden blocks and mattresses.

The green carpet lifted as if to replace the grass, creating an even more beautiful feeling.

Choice of free color schemes.

For a more natural balcony look, choose natural colors such as green, yellow, brown, and gray.

4. Balcony Reading

Source: interiordesign.id

Friends who like to read, the balcony design above is perfect for building an apartment!

The balcony design of this apartment is filled with open space with bookshelves and reading chairs.

Choose a beautiful wardrobe design like the picture above to make the balcony look more stylish.

In addition, you can change the floor of your balcony with unique patterned tiles.

In this way, the mini library on your balcony will not be empty!

5. Minimalist balcony design in white

Source: highend-magazine.okezone.com

Still discussing the design of a simple apartment balcony, the next concept is the easiest to imitate.

The balcony was not completely renovated, just redecorated with ornamental plants.

This open space can be used not only as a garden or plant collection area, but also as an oxygen supply room.

The apartment is guaranteed to look fresher and healthier!

6. Beach balcony design

Source: trendir.com

This minimalist beach-inspired balcony design makes relaxing time even more enjoyable!

Because the design is very simple.

You can simply use the hammock as the belle of the balcony.

For the floor, you can add solid wood parquet like the picture above or fill it with beach sand.

Also choose branched plants and dry leaves so that the atmosphere looks and feels more tropical.

7. Strong and masculine balcony design

Source: architecturedigest.com

The dark gray color is able to give a masculine impression on the apartment balcony.

Pair it with minimalist accents such as a gray rattan chair and metal table for an ideal feel.

Some green plants can be placed so that the balcony atmosphere does not seem stiff or monotonous.

8. Riverside balcony design

Modern minimalist balcony pictures

This minimalist balcony is suitable for those of you who live in a beautiful area.

The wooden floor blends with the nature theme and makes the balcony look cool.

As a sweetener, add colorful flowering plants, yes!


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