8 Cool and Comfortable Minimalist Roof Garden Designs. Makes you feel at home!

The trend of rooftop gardens never subsides. In fact, the more often you come here, the more houses that apply this beautiful concept. Follow the roof decoration tips, with the following picture, come on!

For those of you who live in urban areas, creating a green environment at home can be difficult.

Narrow house construction does not allow us to build yards or small gardens in our homes.

Roof garden is the most appropriate solution to build a beautiful and cool house.

In fact, the concept is the same as having a yard.

It's just that the location is on the roof of the house, not around it.

Here's a collection of rooftop garden design inspiration from us for you!

The design is simple but still beautiful and comfortable!

Cool Home Roof Garden Design

1. Huge collection of plants

Source: instagram.com/umahabang

The first roof garden design can be achieved by simply placing a few ornamental plants.

Your choice of ornamental plants can certainly vary.

However, we recommend choosing plants with dense, fresh leaves.

The green color of the leaves can easily make the roof look cooler.

2. Soft Light

Source: rumah_purnama

The photo of the roof of the Rumah Purnama style proves that the addition of outdoor lighting can sweeten the atmosphere of a roof.

In fact, as we can see, not many plants are displayed on the roof of the house.

The furniture on the roof was just a pair of metal chairs, with a small table in the middle.

In addition to lighting, warm yellow chandeliers are often used as decorations in outdoor areas.

You can mount it on the side wall of the roof or hang it in the air as shown above.

3. Roof like a child
Source: architecturedigest.com

This time the roof garden concept uses eye-catching colors to liven up the atmosphere of the roof.

Greenery and rattan chairs alone are not enough to create a beautiful roof concept.

The reason is, the two architectural elements are neutral in color, so they can make the environment look monotonous.

You have to be good at playing with colors and don't let the combination make the roof look lifeless.

Thanks to the adamant garden concept, you can combine green with pink, orange, dark red or yellow!

4. Grass Roof

Source: instagram.com/designrumahmasakini_id

You want extra space for green space, but the house is too cramped?

Check out the roof design below!

The homeowner planted a patch of grass on the roof and built a long tub next to it as a medium for growing plants.

If you don't want to bother, you can choose artificial grass as a substitute for real grass.

That way, you don't have to cut too often.

Practical, right?

5. Cork Roof

cork roof garden
Source: architecturedigest.com

The soft and warm roof garden design is most people's favorite concept.

The concept is called Roof Tumblr because it was first popular on the site of the same name.

This roof embodies a soft and romantic feel.

The plants on display are lighter in color and have thin, fluttering leaves.

At the same time, the wood material in the floors and furniture acts as an environmental sweetener.

6. Luxury Roof

Source: instagram.com/agenpropertijatim

If the roof is like this, I always feel reluctant to leave, right, property owner?

For those of you who have a limited budget, you can turn the roof of the house into a luxurious and comfortable gathering place.

Place a soft L sofa and a few small pillows on it.

Don't forget to bring a large umbrella so that the roof is more shaded during the day.

7. Minimalist Garden

minimalist roof garden
Source: instagram.com/design.rumah.impian

These words can explain the concept of the roof garden above.

The design is minimalist, starting from the choice of furniture, colors, and motifs.

This roof design is easier to imitate because it doesn't require a lot of displays or plants to make it look comfortable.

8. Half Roof Cafe
Source: instagram.com/ahk.myhome

Interested in building a roof that looks like a mini cafe?

Maybe you can imitate the roof design above!

The uniqueness of the design comes from a wooden bench that resembles a barn chair or a farm.

Add a simple tablecloth and some plants, and don't forget the warm lighting, the roof looks very romantic!

I hope the comments above inspire you, property folks!

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