8 Conwood House Interior and Exterior Wall Inspirations, Which is the Coolest?

Conwood Wall is an eco-friendly alternative to wood. Interested in applying it at home? Check out the inspiration here, OK!
Available in various shapes or models, Conwood is the right choice to beautify your home.
Materials made from a mixture of fiber and portland cement have many advantages.
Conwood's advantages include the similarity of wood, fire resistance, asbestos free, termite resistance and ease of installation.
Currently, there are many minimalist homes that use Conwood as an alternative wood material.
Conwood is also quite flexible because it can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings of the house.
In addition, Conwood Wall is priced quite competitively with other types of materials.
Well, if you are interested in using Conwood on the walls of your house, here are some inspirations that you can consider.
Which Conwood models and designs can make a house look more different?
This is an inspiration, property people!

8 Conwood Wall Inspirations

1. Conwood House Terrace

Source: Instagram/floor_vinyl_conwood_plafonpvc
In addition to natural stone wall tiles, another option to beautify your terrace is to use Conwood walls.
Applying Conwood on the terrace of the house can add a natural impression to a minimalist home.
An example can be seen in this Conwood model, which is painted with dark brown wood paint.

2. Conwood House Interior

Source: Instagram/@rumah_aristo
Not only exterior, Conwood can also be applied to the interior walls of the house.
Using the same model as before, you can install it on the interior wall of your house.
The brown wood color on the Conwood layered wall cladding looks very striking.
Conwood is a material that does not require additional maintenance and is therefore resistant to termite attack.

3. Conwood in front of the house
Source: Instagram/conwoodid

Want to make the facade look more open?
You can apply Conwood on the exterior of your house, property people.
The facade with Conwood material can give a natural impression and voila.
Its appearance resembles a wooden plank, giving the house a warmer and more modern look.

4. Conwood ECP Decorative Panels

 Source: Instagram/conwoodid
Not only designed like wood, Conwood apparently has another model that is no less cool.
One of them is the Conwood ECP trim panel which is designed to resemble a fiber cement board panel.
Well, a model like this is perfect for those of you who want to display an exposed wall in the style of an industrial house.
In addition to the interior of the house, Conwood Decor ECP can also be installed on the exterior of the house.

5. Conwood Outer Wall

Source: Instagram/@aaksenstudio

The use of the Conwood facade shading model is increasingly popular because it gives an aesthetic impression.
In addition, durable and weather-resistant materials may be the reason for using Conwood on the exterior of your home.
Conwood material is very flexible, so it can be combined with all types of home wall materials.
If you are interested in using it, pay attention to how to install Conwood Wall so it doesn't crack.

6. Minimalist White Conwood

Source: Instagram/conwoodid
White Conwood can be an option for those of you who don't really like wood accents that are too prominent.
Conwood is very suitable for various residential models, one of which is the monochromatic house concept.
However, pay attention to the cleanliness of the white Conwood walls so that the exterior of the house remains clean.
So, White Conwood treatment must be done regularly, yes.

7. Unique Conwood

Source: Instagram/sales_alderon_conwood

Another Conwood model that can make your home look unique and cool is the Conwood Shosard.
Conwood awnings can be arranged in various patterns, vertical or horizontal, you know.
You can apply it to the interior or exterior of your home and add an unusual variety of walls.

8. Conwood with Wood Color Variations

Source: Instagram/conwoodid

Property owners, choosing brown wood paint for Conwood is very important.
In addition to making the surface of the Conwood material more natural, painting was carried out for slightly different results.
An example can be seen on this Conwood wall.
The color change on the walls has succeeded in adding a wooden element to the house, making it look more striking.
I hope it inspires you real estate friends.
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