8 amazing 2-storey Korean house design ideas. It looks so unique!

Korean 2-storey house design ideas

Want to build a house that often appears in Korean dramas? Come on, look at the inspiration for the following 2-storey Korean house designs, guys!
In Korea, housing is synonymous with the use of monochromatic or muted colors.
In addition, the design tends to have a minimalist concept.
That's why the exterior of a Korean house looks more attractive, even if it only has a few accents.
If you want to try to imitate it, check out the 2-storey hanok design ideas below, okay!

8 2-Story Korean House Design Ideas

1. 2-story Hanok design with traditional elements

Source: architect.com

The first idea is to combine the concept of hanok with modern elements.
Hanok is a traditional Korean building and is synonymous with the use of clay bricks.
Also, the doors and windows at first glance are shaped like a strip because they consist of wooden slats.

2. The characteristics of a modern house

Source: homedsgn.com

This Korean house design looks very warm thanks to the use of wooden elements in the doorway.
The shape of the building itself tends to be modern, similar to a cubicle whose facade is dominated by straight lines.
The presence of a building like this will definitely attract attention in your home environment for property people.

3. Korean Minimalist House Design 2 Floors
Source: idesignarch.com

Next is a T-shaped residence with a yellow facade on one side.
Light colored paint can effectively act as a sound point for the front of the house, making it look more attractive.
You can combine it with the roof without excessive construction, thus giving a stylish impression to the building.

4. Square Shelter with Glass Walls

Source: japdesign.com
The next inspiration is a box-shaped house with a glass wall on one side.
The glass wall will be the main entry point for sunlight to enter the dwelling.
That way, even without lights, your house will still feel bright during the day.

5. Korean house design 2 floors plus basement

Source: ruangarsitek.id

Interested in building a basement or basement in your two-story house?
If so, this Korean house design can be an option, property people!
The main building is designed with the concept of a stage, so there is enough space below to build a basement.
Then, a small staircase was installed in front of the basement which served as access to the residential gate.

6. Unique two-story building design inspiration

Unique 2 storey Korean house design
Source: architectureartdesigns.com
If you want a unique look, consider this one-story 2-storey Korean house design.
Overall, the building is covered with black concrete walls.
However, in the center of the front facade, there is a glass wall that resembles the outline of a house.
Then, in the upper right corner, there is a small box-like hole that functions as a vent.

7. Minimalist two-story house design in Korea
Minimalist Home Design Inspiration
Source: dezeen.com

This house in the Yangsan area of ​​South Korea at first glance looks like a cluster.
This is because the dwelling is divided into small buildings connected by hallways.
Residents then painted the entire surface of the walls to the roof with white paint.
For those who like the minimalist concept, a design like this would be a very interesting parody.

8. Two-story modern house design

Source: homify.ph
Finally, try to build such a two-story house.
The building is simple, with minimal decoration, but one area looks made of planks.
The window and door frames were then painted black to eliminate the impression of boredom.
Interestingly, near the front door there is a small stage similar to a gazebo that residents can use to relax.
Hopefully this Korean house design inspiration will work for you!
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