7 Small Pond Design Ideas Behind Minimalist Houses

Interested in building a lap pool behind your minimalist home? yamahaspecs.com Amerika Serikat has several design ideas that you can emulate. Check out the article below, OK!

It doesn't have to be big, a small swimming pool at home is enough.
The location of the swimming pool only utilizes open space at the back of the house.
For your reference, here is a copy of the small pond design idea behind the minimalist house for you.

7 Small Pond Design Ideas Behind Minimalist Houses

1. Swimming pool with gazebo

Source: instagram.com/tantiliapianawati

The most common shape of the pond is a rectangle with an iron ladder on one side.
You can make a small pond and leave a large open space as a recreation area.
Set up a gazebo on one side and build up the area with garden grass and hardscape.
Both of these areas can be a place for residents to relax and enjoy the coolness of the pool. Friends of Yamahaspecs.com

2. Semi open swimming pool in backyard

Semi Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas
 Source: instagram.com/casa_kalandra

You can also try this @casa_kalandra account idea for a semi-outdoor swimming pool behind the house.
The exact location of the swimming pool is behind the Sahabat yamahaspecs.com restaurant and kitchen.
He elongated the shape of the pond to compensate for the lack of width.
There is an exposed ceiling at the top which also functions as a simple roof.

3. Minimalist swimming pool in the backyard
Source: instagram.com/rumah.mumi

For a simpler design, you can imitate the @rumah.mumi swimming pool.
The pool is not very long but good for swimming.
The location is right behind the house, bounded by a concrete fence.
For a more visible and refreshing feel, place greenery around the edges of your pond.
It's just that there is no roof over the pool so the water mixes when it rains.

4. Jacuzzi style swimming pool with limited footprint

Source: instagram.com/blekdarmawan

Need a pool to soak in and relax in?
So this Jacuzzi-style swimming pool owned by @blekdarmawan might be the solution.
The shape is very small, maybe only about 1-2 square meters friend, yamahaspecs.com
The building materials are just plain cement, no paint.
Pots filled with outdoor ornamental plants are neatly arranged by the pond.

5. The swimming pool extends to the back of the house

Source: instagram.com/blekdarmawan

If the remaining land behind the house is only 0.5-1m, use @ardina_abroni's design.
The swimming pool tends to extend sideways and has a very limited width.
Even the smallest side can only accommodate one iron ladder, Sahabat yamahaspecs.com.
The pool, although small, is large enough for a small child's swimming area.
You only need to provide accessories such as plastic balls to float.

6. Minimalist Pool with Fountain

Source: instagram.com/rumahjulie
Note that the actual size of the pool looks inviting.
You can build it on your backyard fence.
Then install a small fountain on the railing that flows directly into the pool.
On the other hand, plant foliage plants to complete the look of your pond.
Don't forget, make sure the fence you build is high enough to keep your privacy safe.

7. Wooden Roof Small Swimming Pool

Source: instagram.com/galeripropertijogja

Finally, you can build a swimming pool on a wooden floor.
This will make the outdoor area look cooler, perfect for spending time.
Create a pond with an elongated shape to maximize land use.
On one side, make a small garden filled with trees and shrubs.
Hopefully this information is useful, ya yamahaspecs.com
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