7 Minimalist Square Porch Pole Mockups Make the facade of the house more beautiful

Minimalist box patio pole models are often small and simple in design. Interested in applying it to your dream home?
Property man, are you going to build a minimalist house?
If so, one aspect that you should pay attention to is the terrace of the house.
The terrace of the house must be designed simply and functionally.
Well, to beautify the appearance of the homepage, then you can use pillars or pillars in the shape of a box.
The role of the terrace of the house is to carry the load of the roof or canopy on the facade of the house.
The cover part of the terrace that uses columns is usually in the form of concrete.
In addition, the presence of a terrace can also add to the aesthetics of the house.
You can add a model of the terrace of the house that fits the concept of your home.
So that you don't get confused, has lots of inspiration for a minimalist box bar model. Come and see!

7 Minimalist Box Terrace Pole Models

1. Natural stone box patio rod model

 Source: Instagram/@tyariyanto

The first inspiration that you can try is a natural stone box terrace pole.
Models like this are commonly used in minimalist homes in urban areas.
The natural stone pattern on the pillars makes the facade of the house look more beautiful.

2. Modern Square Terrace Column Model

Source: mirachinterior.id
Next is the modern box terrace column model.
For a modern touch, you can make a towering pole.
The appearance of high poles can make the facade of the house look more beautiful.
Also pay attention to the color of the lamp post to match the paint on the exterior of the residence.

3. Classic style square pole model

Source: Pinterest.com/Homebunch
Do you like classic style houses?
Using the right patio poles can add a classic look to your home.
Classic tiered columns are generally square in shape without engraving, pattern or shape modification.
The simple design makes this terrace pole also less maintenance.

4. Simple Square Porch Column Model

Source: mirachinterior.id

Those who like simple designs are suitable for this model.
The Pilat terrace is square, white in color with a few carvings and modifications.
The pile model above can be made of wood, cement mortar and reinforced concrete.

5. Brick Box Terrace Trunk Model
Source: saktidesign.com

In addition, there is a terrace pole model that is suitable for a simple minimalist house in the village.
The use of brick material makes the facade of the house more attractive.
You can expose the stone and add a little paint to make it sparkle.
Interested in trying it?

6. Concrete Box Terrace Trunk Model

Source: rumahkuunik.com

The house pillar material made of concrete is known as one of the strong and durable pillars.
However, these poles are relatively more expensive to manufacture than patio poles made of wood or cement mortar.
If you have more money, we recommend this model.

7. Unique Square Porch Pole Model

Source: aik.co.id
Tired of the same bright pillar designs?
Do you need an alternative model for the mainstream?
Relax, you can try this alternative.
The wooden terrace pole model comes with a unique accent, but still has a minimalist impression.
Align the small boards with the space between them.
That is the inspiration for the box terrace column model in a minimalist home.
Hope this review inspires you, the properties!
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