7 Inspirations for Minimalist Home Terrace Lattice Design. Very aesthetic!

Want to beautify the look of your home? Let's try some minimalist patio lattice design ideas below, guys!
Lattices are usually made of solid wood and are long and flat.
At first glance it looks like a crossbar, only the blades are close together.
Its main function is as a protective curtain for the exterior area, a decorative element and a barrier between spaces.
Want to try making a minimalist patio grille for your home?
For reference, here are some design ideas for you to copy!

7 Minimalist Home Terrace Lattice Design Inspirations

1. Wooden lattice design extends to the second floor

Source: arsitag.com
In the first idea, you can build a minimalist terrace trellis that extends to the second floor.
Therefore, its function is not only decorative, but also to protect the skin of the second dwelling.
That way, the walls of the house are not exposed to dust or rain directly.
In addition, leave a little open terrace area as an entrance for residents.

2. Asymmetrical wood grille design
Source: archdaily.com

You don't have to align the wooden slats vertically, you can also mount them at an angle.
The goal is to make the frontal look more unique and attract attention.
Then, use small, thin wooden slats so that they look like bamboo at a glance.
Meanwhile, in the terrace area of ​​the house, outdoor furniture such as chairs can be placed to relax.
Another option is to beautify the area by placing a row of potted green plants around the terrace.

3. Decorative accents in the form of white boxes
Source: deagamdesign.com

The next idea is to paint the grille with white paint.
It is a popular color for exteriors and interiors.
Then, match it with the original stained wood elements on the door of the house.
That way, the facade of the house will look more minimalist, but still charming.
In addition to in front of the terrace, you can also install a grille above the second floor and the side fence of the housing.

4. Charming Minimalist Home Terrace Lattice Design

 Source: banidea.com
If the lattice is just for decoration, you can imitate this design.
Place this element right above the terrace, not at the end.
Not only that, it also has a small canopy on top that tilts forward to prevent water splashing.
The grating used itself is a combination of thin and thick wooden slats.
This design can effectively give a counter-intuitive impression to the exterior of your home.

5. Unique Box Design Ideas

 Source: ninestudio.com

The next choice of minimalist terrace lattice designs is to install boards in a horizontal position.
However, use boards of different widths to increase the trim on the grid.
In addition, you can also make the distance between the boards so it doesn't look monotonous.
Combine the grille with the iron frame to give your home a modern look.

6. Sliding Wood Grating Design

Source: Contemporary Network

It doesn't have to be dead, you can design a grid with flexible placement.
For example, create a grid with tracks that allow you to move its position as needed.
In this way, the outside of the house is not completely covered and sunlight can enter more freely.

7. Folding Wooden Lattice Model
Source: Contemporary Network

Finally, you might consider installing a folding grill.
Such a design will make it easier for you to open and close the grille as needed.
In addition, its presence will be a decorative element that is unique and attractive in appearance.
Hopefully the minimalist home terrace lattice design idea above will work for you, yes.
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