7 Favorite House Designs With Spacious Terrace. Make it relaxing and comfortable!

Want to make a large patio at home but confused about arranging it? Come and see the design of the house with a spacious terrace below. Maybe you're inspired!

The terrace is part of the house in the form of an open space, and the roof is sometimes a connecting space between the inside and outside of the room.

Generally, each house only has a portion of the terrace, but larger homes can have all three.

Given the location of the patio at the front of the house, this area is the first place that other people will see when they enter the house.

In this way, homeowners should pay attention to the appearance of the terrace.

Well, if you are currently looking for a house design with a large terrace to be used as home planning inspiration, let's see this article until the end.

The reason is yamahaspecs.com Indonesia News has collected inspiration which you can see in the description below.

7 Home Designs With Spacious Terrace

1. Spacious terrace with gazebo

Spacious family terrace with gazebo

Source: houzz.com

If you want an elegant touch on the front of your house, choose a house design with a classic style.

Usually, this type of patio is often found in European or American-style houses which usually have larger building dimensions.

There is a classic traditional gazebo, very elegant and combined with a grassy garden.

2. Classic and elegant luxury terrace

Classic and elegant luxury terrace

Source: design.id

This house with a spacious terrace has a chandelier that gives a luxurious feel to the area.

Decorative lighting can make the terrace of this one-story modern classic house more attractive and warm.

3. Minimalist terrace with grass

Minimalist terrace with grass plants

Source: Unsplash/Ahmed Rangel

If you are confused about using the land in front of the house, you can actually turn it into a terrace with an all-green yard.

Just add a lounge chair and the grass and plants around it so you can sit back and enjoy the nature around you.

4. Integrated terrace with gazebo

Terrace integrated with Gazebo

Source: Virginia.org

Staying on a minimalist terrace can also have a gazebo like the picture above, and voila.

The location of the gazebo that blends with the front porch seems to create a more aesthetic concept.

The gazebo at the front of the house is connected to the balcony, making daily activities easier without worrying about the weather.

5. Japanese Terrace

Japanese Terrace

Source: Unsplash/David Emrich

This house with a large terrace is designed with a typical Japanese house architecture, lo.

The combination of wood elements and green plants makes this terrace so beautiful.

However, you will not find chairs and tables to relax there, because there are only shade plants and trees on the terrace of this Japanese house.

6. Terrace Design with Pool Yard

Terrace Design with Pool Yard

Source: decoist.com

You can also choose home design inspiration with a wide terrace and voila.

Instead of using it for a small garden, use the land to build a minimalist fish pond.

Use simple and stylish pool building materials like the picture above.

Then, match the basic color of the pool with the walls and floor of the house.

7. Home Design with Contemporary Modern Terrace

Home Design for Contemporary Modern Terrace

Source: shelterness.com

For those who want to maximize the modern and stylish impression, this patio inspiration can be an option.

The shape of the terrace is rather simple, so that the use of materials can be adjusted according to needs.

Add a lounge area with modern chairs or sofas to accentuate the masculine and strong impression.

You can also add decorations in the middle of the terrace in the form of beautiful ornamental plants and decorative lights.


I hope this article has enlightened you, property owners.

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