7 Dutch Small House Design Inspirations where colonial architecture meets modernity!

Until now, Dutch house designs are still in great demand because of their unique architectural forms.
Colonial-style house architecture is still often found on rural roads, and its elegant and sturdy construction gives it a cool, classic feel.
Colonial houses are known for their sturdy construction, as evidenced by the many still standing today.
Moving with the times, colonial architecture is combined with modern touches to create a more striking blend.
Check out the following modern colonial design inspiration!

Dutch Colonial House Inspiration With Modern Taste

1. Look classy through the terrace

Source: metrobuildingcorp.com

The Dutch colonial house design infused with minimalist elements gives a classic yet modern impression, especially when paired with the right terrace.
Porch is a small porch or balcony that is placed at the front of the house and is used as a gate rather than the entrance to the terrace.
You can combine the terrace with elements of natural stone or brick to add a colonial impression.
Remember that colonial houses always have interesting details.

2. Elegant touch column at the entrance

Source: onekindesign.com
You can use a porch or patio depending on your preference, but both still need pillars.
Colonial houses always use interesting columns at the front of the house, nothing but to add an aesthetic element.
You can combine a variety of columns in a modern colonial design, such as using a European house style column.
This column plays a very important role in presenting the impression of grandeur.

3. The Dutch House and the Color Scheme Used

Source: bobvila.com

An important element that can bring a building to life is color.
The iconic color scheme of the colonial house is classic blue, beige, bright yellow, dark red and white with slightly dark undertones.
Choosing the right exterior paint can enhance the colonial feel you want.

4. Window with wide pane of glass

Source: onekindesign.com

In general, colonial houses often used glass-walled windows.
Choosing the right glass panels can add a deep modern touch.
For example, with wide panes of glass, such windows can provide a lot of opening in addition to enhancing a modern feel.
For a more contemporary feel, try to minimize the thick wood-framed windows.
Wood framed windows are more suitable for classic designs.

5. Attractive minimalist look

Source: charlieandcodesign.com

Colonial homes are always associated with grandeur and classic elements that will amaze you.
However, it is possible to combine these elements with a minimalist concept.
True, these two things are opposite, but with the right composition, you can present a unique concept.
You can start by simplifying the details, but keep colonial concepts, such as simplifying window or roof details.

6. Give the interior a minimalist feel

Source: pufikhomes.com

Indeed, there is not much that can be changed from the outside, but from the inside, you will be more creative.
But make sure to follow the typical color scheme of a colonial house to keep it in character.
It's time to be creative indoors.
Start by choosing minimalist furniture with a touch of wood to give it a classic feel.
Always give a little wood to each room to maintain the classic colonial character and match the colonial color scheme.

7. Indoor open plan

open indoors
open dors
Source: decoist.com
You must have noticed that most colonial houses always had a large or elongated main room.
You can give a modern feel to this main room element by applying an open concept that combines space without a partition.
Use sliding glass doors to blend this room with the garden and make the house look more spacious.
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