10 Home Fence Models for an Amazing Home Display!

house fence model

Confused about what kind of mansion fence model? Come on, read this article to the end and find out!
Property owners, there are many models of fences that can be applied to homes.
Luxury fences do not always have to be big and high, it can also be in a minimalist form, or a minimalist fence design without iron.
The fence of the house itself can function as an entrance, barrier, and beautify the exterior of your mansion.
There are various examples of luxury home fences, from roster fences, aluminum fences to stainless steel fences.
However, most of the fences in front of the mansion were made of iron.
 compiled from various sources, here are various types of house fences.

10 House Fence Models

Source: Pinterest.com/antonovich-design.ae

1. The gated palace

Many mansions had walls similar to palace gates.
The use of large and tall columns is accompanied by carvings on certain parts.
The pillars were then combined with the gates of the iron houses.
Source: Pinterest.com/info.modularwalls.com.au

2. Combine with laser cut pattern fence

Furthermore, there is a model of a wall fence combined with an iron plate with a laser cut pattern.
The walls are finished in an elegant white color with a hint of iron leaf on top.
From the theme side, you can vaguely see how your mansion will look like.

Source: Pinterest.com/Paulina Masanabo

3. Conwood Finishing Wall Fence

Brick walls with Conwood finishing are also available for fencing luxury homes.
Conwood is an alternative to wood. The advantages of this material are that it is more termite resistant, environmentally friendly and easy to install.
This combination can add beauty to your home.

Source: Pinterest.com/Leila Haddad

4. Long column wall design

As mentioned earlier, large posts or posts are often used on the fences of luxury homes.
Some parts of the column are decorated or carved.
The dimensions used are usually still one tone with an accent on the exterior of the house.

Source: emporioarchitect.com

5. Classic Wall

Next, there is inspiration for classic fencing designed for luxury homes.
The walls are so high that they cover the front of the house.
Lights are given in certain places of the fence.

Source: realestate.com.au

6. Minimalist House Fence Model

If the example above shows a fence that looks closed, this time it's a little different.
There is a minimalist home wall fence model that is small and concise.
This form makes the residence immediately visible to anyone who passes.

7. House with natural stone wall fence

Source: Luxury Property Network

A natural stone veneer wall fence might be the right choice for a Mediterranean style home.
Use neutral and soft natural stones.
In addition, choose a natural stone shape with a unique texture that is pleasing to the eye.

8. Modern luxury fence

source: carousell.ph

Looking for inspiration for a modern luxury fence?

This design might be the right choice you are looking for, combining a fence with a black iron gate.
The fence looks more luxurious because of the yellow light.

9. Middle East Luxury Fence Model

Source: archilovers.com

Inspired by Middle Eastern luxury homes.
One of them is the application of wall fences.
The brown walls are decorated with vines.

10. Low Wall Fence Design

Source: dkp.com.au

Luxury homes are often located in guaranteed elite residences.
So you can build a low fence.
That way, the luxury of the house will be more clearly visible.
Here's a collection of luxury home cage models that can be an inspiration.
We hope this information is useful to property staff.
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